Commercial Glasswashers


Double-skinned glasswashers
basket 37x37 cm


Double-skinned dishwashers
basket 50x50 cm


Double-skinned glasswashers
basket 40x40 cm

Working in the catering sector requires precision, attention and professionalism: these virtues can be acquired through the choice of reliable and efficient products and suppliers. One element that should not be underestimated is the washing systems, which must help the company to be … brilliant.

Every kitchen must have the right glasswasher: Teikos offers several models of glass washers that are perfectly suited to all needs.

All Teikos glass washers are double-skinned and easy to use. Let’s take a look in the details. In the case of bars, wine bars or coffee stores, Teikos offers two different models: TS 820, TS 830.

Each glass washer is perfect in every mechanism and is designed to meet different needs. The TS 820 is the smallest, with a 370 mm square basket and a maximum entry height of 285 mm.

The maximum number of baskets / hour is 40, with a washing water temperature of about 60 °. The top of the range is the TS 830 with a 400 mm square basket and a maximum entry height of 300 mm.

Each glass washer is available with a round basket as an optional. Restaurant needs are different, you may need something bigger.Teikos offers the TS 601 and TS 603, with higher capacity; they can be the right choice not only for restaurants but also for hotels or a company cafeteria.

All the machines are completely sure and can give excellent performances even in low water pressure.

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