Double skinned, what does it mean?

Only high standard industrial dishwashers offer double-skinned construction. The internal tank is where the wash and rinse process actually take place, but it is not in direct contact with the outer environment as it is positioned inside a ‘hull’ and closed by panels from all sides.

Teikos invites you to consider the advantages of this solution:

  • noise insulation
  • heat insulation
  • protection of the adjacent furniture
  • energy saving

Appliances with double-skinned construction radiate less heat from external surfaces when compared to those with single-skinned panels (during the rinse phase the temperature can reach more than 80°C !); unfortunately the heat tends to ruin the adjacent furniture (laminate melts, surfaces may change color, etc); so, you better keep it under control!

Double-skinned construction limits the heat loss (the water cools down less quickly). This feature allows for a less intense use of the heating elements. The result is reduced energy consumption.

Another advantage? Double-skinned construction allows the use of hinges for robust and strong door construction. In particular, it allows the possibility to design such a system of door opening in which there are no side tie rods which obstruct and limit the possibility of freely removing the basket from the wash tank. And at Teikos we know that a basket full of dishes can be really heavy!

The system of door opening can easily be balanced via systems which operate outside the wash tank. This system offers a series of advantages, in terms of durabilityreliability and perceived quality. Not to mention the advantage of avoiding the traditionally used clicking system on door opening which, in the presence of steam, detergents and rinse-aid liquid agents tends to lose its efficiency over a short period of time.

The environment, your wallet and……your spine, will thank you !