Glasswashers for sale

Working in the food and drink industry requires precision, attention and professionalism: these virtues can be acquired through the choice of products and suppliers, which need to be reliable and efficient. One element which hasn’t to be underestimated is the washing systems, that must help the business to be… brilliant.

Each business must have the right glasswashers: Teikos offers five different glasswaher models that perfectly suit all the needs. All Teikos glasswahsers and undercounter glasswashers are doubleskinned and are easy to use. Let’s have a look in details. In case of a bar or cafè Teikos offers three different models: TS 830, TS 820, TS 420. Every glasswashers is perfect in every mechanism and is projected to satisfy different kind of needs. The TS 420 is the smallest one with 370 mm square rack and a maximum clear entry height of 192 mm. Maximum rack per hour is high as 40 with an inlet water temperature up to 60°.

The TS 820 is Teikon’s intermediate glasswashers with a maximum clear entry height of 285 mm. The top level machine for a bar is the TS 830 with square rack size 400 mm and a maximum clear entry height of 300 mm capable of huge loads. Every glasswasher is available with a round rack as optional. In case of a restaurant the needs are different and could be necessary to have something bigger. In Teikos catalogue there’s for sure what is needed. For example the models TS 601 and TS 603 have more capability and can be the right choice not only for restaurants but also for hotels or for a company cafeteria.

All the machines are completely sure and can give excellent performances even in low water pressure, have balanced front doors, high thickness, are equipped with removable inner door for easy cleaning and inspection with no screws in sight.

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