Industrial dishwashers

In food and drink business it’s important to have a solid industrial dishwasher. This electrical appliance has the task of cleaning a great amount of dishes, obviously many more than in a house and for this reason it’s important to choose an high level dishwasher. There are three key factor to consider in the “hunt” of the product which better suits our needs: the size of the dishwasher, the working temperature and, last but not least, the price.

Talking about size we’ve got to wonder what kind of dishwasher we need considering how many dishes it can hold. If we choose a too small industrial dishwashers or commercial glasswashers, there will be problems because daily work could be clogged and slowed because of the insufficient size of the machine. On the other hand a too big machine could create problems as well, because there’s the risk of wasting energy and water if the machine often runs on low charge and of slowing very much the procedures when we have to wait the full charge of the machine before get it started.

Another key factor to consider in choosing to buy an industrial dishwasher is the washing temperature: some machines reach temperatures around 82° C, while others works at around 60°. The higher temperature operating machines are naturally able to sanitize dishes while lower temperature operating machines need a chemical sanitizing agent. Price is another factor that will make difference. The general rule is that if we pay a little more the industrial dishwasher will last longer and will probably be less expensive relatively to the energy consumption: so, paying a little bit less at the moment of acquiring could be a mistake. It's also necessary to think about the name of the producer: it’s better to bet on a well known brand because its assistance network will probably be better.

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