For good and effective washing…

…You need efficient rinsing! Using a water softener for calcareous water will guarantee a perfect result on your dishes.

Teikos water softeners will guarantee you perfectly washed glasses and cutlery, with no spots or marks, as they eliminate the minimal presence of limestone even there where the action of a normal detergent is limited.

The action of a water softener is to maintain the limestone and it is fundamentally important for efficient washing. The results on the dishes will be evident and long life of your appliance guaranteed.

A good example to illustrate the importance of a water softener could be given if we compared the performance of a dishwasher with that of a coffee-machine: the role a water softener plays in the performance of these two types of appliances is of equal importance, and the characteristics of the autonomous heating of water are in fact very similar.

The standard set-up of wash and rinse temperature does not always meet everyone’s requirements. Depending on the characteristics of the chemical additives (detergent and rinse-aid liquid), the possibility to personalize the set-up could result very useful and convenient. On Teikos dishwashers the temperature adjustment, separately in the tank and in the boiler, is very simple; all Teikos models have as standard the possibility to personalize the set-up of the temperatures in a very simple way by choosing a number on the ring nuts inside the appliance.