Hood type dishwashers


Hood-type dishwashers


Hood-type dishwashers

Hood type dishwashers are ideal for large restaurants or industrial kitchens, because allow an easy loading, specially if installed with proper inlet and outlet tables, for an ideal working line. Washing times are also very short: these machines are able to complete a wash cycle in just one minute, washing up to 60 baskets per hour.

Their overall dimensions, however, are not indifferent, and these machines must be located in a very large space to be exploited completely. The energy consumption varies according to the requested speed of the cleaning, ranging from 3.3kW in commercial dishwasher models, reaching the 10.8 kW in more powerful hood type dishwashers.

The hood type dishwashers is ideal to wash large quantities of dishes in a short time. Loading operation should be easy and functional, so it’s advisable to place the appliance near the sink, a garbage can and near the kitchen entrance. This will make it easier for waiters to deposit dishes on the table top or on the sink. The scullery will remove leftover food by dividing it between wet and dry waste, then, using the sink, will facilitate the dishwasher work removing under the water jet the most stubborn dirt.

If you choose the most powerful hood type dishwashers, you won’t need an initial rinsing, even for the most encrusted dishes: items could be placed directly in the basket without hesitation, they will come out clean, bright and shining in a few minutes.

The structure of hood type dishwashers is designed in order to allow the loading operator not to bend over to put the dishes in the rack: in fact the support base of the dishes is high and closing the dishwasher is easy thanks to its handle. After completing the wash, rack is easily unloaded, and the reload is quick and easy.

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