Place the dishes in the appropriate way!!!

To fill the basket in a tidy way, without placing the dishes on top of each other, will enhance the efficiency of the washing process. The best solution which will guarantee a perfect internal washing is to place the high and thin objects in the center of the basket.

Apart from this, at Teikos we consider that wire baskets, plastic-plated, offer much better washing performance than the plastic ones. The reason for that being that the wire baskets allow a better and more consistent flow of water, thus making sure that the dishes are perfectly washed from all the sides, at the center as well as at the sides of the basket. Besides, the real capacity of wire baskets is optimal because they do not have reinforced edges and therefore the only thickness is that of a few millimeters of the wire structure. And last but not least, wire baskets have no interstices in their structure inside which dirt could be accumulated.