Our History

The one who is writing this, has experienced first hand the various stages of growth of our business, from the beginning in 1972, through ups and downs, until today. They say that the company’s destiny is enclosed in its name, TEIKOS, from the Greek “fortress”.

It seems impossible that so many years have passed, yet over 45 years later, I find myself with the same desire for new experiences that I had when I started this adventure. However, having had two sons who have inherited my own enthusiasm, I’ve preferred a supervisor’s role, leaving space to new ideas for constant renewal, in order to keep up with modern days.

Our ultimate goal is to bring to the customer a product that meets their expectations, both from the aesthetics and functionality points of view. This target was reached, and we have customers that even after twenty years are asking us for assistance to continue the life of their machines.

We are constantly trying to update our knowledge to produce a niche product aiming for quality rather than quantity.

For over 45 years we have applied our experience to producing solid, efficient and reliable machines, ideal partners for the modern professionals in the catering industry.

Components, designs and materials used, function exclusively due to the outcome of their symbiosis. Now, sit comfortably and begin your journey into our world.

Giuseppe Bertan